It’s winter in Brisbane, which means temperatures have plummeted to what any other state would call ‘spring’.

But despite the warmer temperatures, they still face the same problems we all face during winter: finding a TV channel that isn’t broadcasting a football match.

Sorry, I actually meant to say, ‘Getting through the pile of washing currently overrun by mountain goats’.

Mind you, the football matches won’t help much if you’ve got kids or a husband that won’t grow up. After watching the game (or just the first five hours) they’ll insist on going outside to practice their kicking, marking, and diving headfirst into the biggest patch of mud they can find.

Of course, actually washing the clothes isn’t a problem. Provided your family hasn’t crash-tackled your washing machine you simply dump the clothes in, add the laundry liquid/powder/whatever-the-advertising-people-are-calling-it-now, switch it on for an hour and voila, your machine will have stopped ten minutes into its cycle because the load was out of balance.

Once the clothes are washed (allow 2-3 weeks), it’s time to get them dry. And this is the real problem we all face. Normally you just hang them on the line and take them off when they’re dry. But in winter it’s usually either raining or overcast, so unless you want your entire family walking around naked until September you need to try something else.

One option is to set up a clotheshorse inside and hang everything on it to dry. Of course by “everything” I mean “socks”, because everything else will still be wet a week later. But it can help stimulate conversation at your next dinner party. (“Um… exactly how long has it been since you bought new underwear?”)

But your best option by far is to rent a clothes dryer from PHD Rentals. (You can also buy a brand new one from them if you prefer.) And they can deliver it quickly, so not only will you get through your pile of clothes quickly, it will also give your family something new to watch.

Which means you might be able to find something else to watch besides football.