To those of you who’ve just bought your first home in Sydney or Brisbane, congratulations. It can’t have been easy with house prices being what they are the moment.

You’ve no doubt just learned there’s a massive difference between the price of a house and how much you actually pay,  thanks to the “extras” you have to pay for such as:

·      loan establishment fee

·      mortgage insurance

·      legal fees

·      stamp duty

·      building and pest inspections

·      etc.


Question: Do you think building and pest inspections should tell you whether any of your neighbours will be playing loud music until 3am?


But if it’s any consolation, house prices are set to go even higher.


Still, it doesn’t change the fact you’ve used up pretty much all of your savings on the house, leaving you with very little money to put anything in it.


So what can you do?


You could borrow furniture and appliances from your friends and family, but that could potentially backfire on you. (“Well, we know you’ve got a sofa bed since we lent it to you, so can our parents stay at your house for the next month?”)


Another option is to save up and buy things as you can afford them. But that also has some potential issues.


Your partner: Honey, can you record NCIS for me?

You: Not until next month.


Fortunately, there’s a third option: renting what you need from PHD Rentals. They have a fantastic range of furniture and appliances available in both Sydney and Brisbane. And with their low monthly rates, you’ll be able to fill up your home without filling up your credit card.


So get in touch with PHD Rentals today, and start enjoying your new life in your new home.


But if you end up getting a sofa bed, don’t tell anyone.