If you are in the market for a fridge, it’s best to know what to look for BEFORE you go shopping so as not be confused the huge array of dazzling fridges on the market today.

Here’s the lowdown on some of the most common fridges:

Upright fridge-freezer

This classic style is economical and energy efficient, with plenty of models to choose from along with various sizes, however you will find there is limited freezer capacity and you have to bend down to reach the bottom of the fridge.

Freezer on the bottom

This upside down style also has various sizes to accommodate for differing spaces. Fridge items are at eye level and within easy reach and generally have more freezer space than freezer on top models. They are usually more expensive than freezer on top models, less energy efficient and it can be difficult to organize the freezer drawers.

Side-by-side fridge freezer

Generally this style of fridge has more internal storage space than other styles with plenty of door storage. The doors are narrow and suit galley style or small kitchens. They often feature built in ice and water dispensers and are usually chic, modern looking. Be careful of positioning as they cannot go in the corner of the kitchen and if you have large cakes or platters, this may not be the style for you.

French Door

This style is great for families or entertainers, having 3 or 4 doors, usually a 2-door fridge on top and 1 or 2 freezer drawers below. There is generous internal capacity and wide shelves which easily accommodate large platters. Be aware that they are expensive and require a lot of floor space – not forgetting large doorways to actually get the fridge into your kitchen!


This is what will save you money AFTER you bring it home. Look at the energy rating – more stars are better.

You will save money long term by replacing a power hungry fridge with an energy-efficient model.

As a rule, the bigger the fridge the more it will cost to buy and run. A single door upright fridge with a freezer on the top or bottom will be cheaper to buy and run than a large side by side, or French Door model.