Visit any major electrical store on a weekend, and you’ll see dozens of people shopping for the latest and greatest appliances. A washer and dryer that also folds your clothes and puts them away. A vacuum cleaner that filters out LEGO bricks so you can give them back to your panic-stricken child. Or a refrigerator that can make ice cubes in the shape of Miley Cyrus.

Did you know, just as many people spend their weekends checking out “Trash ‘n’ Treasure” sites, garage sales and eBay looking for cheaper (smarter) options. They’re not interested in the Miley Cyrus ice cubes and they’d be happy to see LEGO banished from the planet (or at least their lounge room floors). They just want something they can afford that does the job.

And that’s where PHD Rentals can help. We have a great range of factory seconds and ex-rental appliances you can buy without having to give up luxuries such as food and electricity. You probably already know what ex-rental appliances are — top quality second-hand and re-conditioned appliances you can buy for a fraction of the price of a new one. (No, you can’t hire your ex-partner.)

But what are factory seconds? Are they the latest in production line micromanagement? No, these are products that have superficial defects (a small scratch or dent, a door that’s beige instead of off-white, an ice cube maker that puts two heads on Miley Cyrus) but are otherwise in perfect working order. Most of them even come with a full factory warranty. The manufacturers can’t sell them as new, so they reduce the price and sell them as “factory seconds”— mainly because they can never spell “beige” properly.

And here are some more great reasons to buy a factory second or ex-rental appliance from PHD Rentals:

You get a warranty. If your appliance has any problems they’ll repair it, replace it or give you your money back.

They can deliver and install it for you.

They accept a variety of payment options, including credit card and PayPal. Unlike Trash ‘n’ Treasure sales, where it’s pretty much “Give me the cash and it’s yours to take away. Now!”

So what are you waiting for? Contact PHD Rentals today and grab an ex-rental or factory second appliance at a bargain price.

And while you’re out, you may want to buy some more LEGO to keep the peace.