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Staking your taxation claim

It’s that time of year when we all sit down, take a good look at what we’ve done for the past year and think, “Can I claim any of it?”

Yes, it’s tax time once again, when we all try to work out how we can get the tax department to give us some money for a change.

Of course, as the saying goes a penny saved is a penny earned, which would be really handy if a) we actually used pennies and b) you could actually buy something with them.

(Theoretically you can buy something if you have enough of them, but the last person who tried suffered a hernia carrying them all into the store.)

Fortunately, there are other ways to save money, such as hiring your appliances and furniture from PHD Rentals. If you need a television, washing machine or refrigerator they can have you watching, washing and… wishing you had more beer in no time.

And if you need furniture for the lounge room, dining room or bedroom they can help you out as well.

Better still, if you’ve got one an open-plan house (or are prepared to knock out a few walls), put everything in the one area, hire some office furniture and claim it all as a business expense. And if the tax department questions your claims, just say, “Hey, I practically live in my office. I’m just making it as comfortable as I can”.

So what are you waiting for? Contact PHD Rentals now and get everything you need for your house. You may even be able to use your tax refund to pay for it.

Or at least to stock the fridge with beer.



Disclaimer:  This is a blog about rental appliances and homewares and is not to be mistaken for actual advice regarding your tax position.  Always seek advice from a professional taxation advisor who can assess and advise for your own individual situation.



Thanks for the memories

School has started once again, which means another year of concerts, sporting carnivals and other events designed to teach your children important life skills, such as how to fake an injury.

And that means you’ll soon be close friends with your GPS as you drive your kids and their costumes/uniforms/friends all over town and back again.

Tip: Get a taxi meter installed in your car. Chances are you’ll still have to drive them everywhere, but at least you’ll get something out of it.

Of course, you’ll also be expected to attend most, if not all, of these events. But that’s okay. These are special moments, and you’ll want to be there when your child takes centre stage, faces the crowd, and then falls to the ground clutching their knee.

And to make sure you get to keep those memories forever (and embarrass them on their 21st birthday), you should rent a video camera from PHD Rentals.

Now if you think that means fiddling around with tiny video tapes or those mini-DVDs, think again. The video cameras from PHD Rentals use SD (“Something-to Do-with-video-cameras”) memory cards, so you don’t have to spend hours fast-forwarding and rewinding.

And when you’ve finished filming for the day you just take the card out of the video camera, pop it into your computer, and then start fishing around inside the DVD slot you put it in by mistake.

And once you’ve got the footage on your computer you can do anything with it—send it friends and relatives, post it on YouTube, send it to your local TV station. The possibilities are endless, as will be the complaints from your kids when the video goes viral.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with PHD Rentals today and start capturing those priceless moments.

Well, maybe not priceless. But you should make some decent money out of it. Kids will do anything to avoid looking stupid on YouTube.

Basket case

Whoever said, “The only two certainties in life are death and taxes” obviously didn’t do the laundry. 

You can get out of doing the dishes by using paper plates and plastic knives and forks. But unless you’ve got an endless budget (or live in a nudist colony) you’ll have to wash your clothes sooner or later.

So what can you do?

You could take your basket (okay, plastic bag) of dirty clothes to your parents’ place and trick them into doing it for you. (“Oh no, I’ve never used a washing machine before. Could you show me how to use it?”) But to do that you’ll have to stay for dinner (served at 4pm) and listen to endless stories about relatives you haven’t seen since you were five.

Another option is to head down to the local Laundromat with so much change you sound like you’re wearing spurs. But the machines will all be full of clothes while their owners are off doing other things—having a drink, grabbing lunch, raising a family, etc.

And if a machine is free, it’s because it:

  • is broken
  • is full of something that definitely isn’t detergent
  • has a coin slot that needs at least one fifty-cent piece (which is the only coin you don’t have).

And do you really want other people to see your underwear?

A much better option is to hire a washing machine from PHD Rentals. You can get yourself a top-loader, front loader (great if there’s nothing on TV), or even a washer/dryer combo so you don’t have to hang out your clothes. (Sorry, but there’s no “iron my clothes and hang them in the wardrobe” option. Yet.)

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with their friendly staff and get your washing machine delivered today.

Because we really don’t want to see you at a nudist colony.