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Factory seconds and ex-rentals are the new ‘New’

Visit any major electrical store on a weekend, and you’ll see dozens of people shopping for the latest and greatest appliances. A washer and dryer that also folds your clothes and puts them away. A vacuum cleaner that filters out LEGO bricks so you can give them back to your panic-stricken child. Or a refrigerator that can make ice cubes in the shape of Miley Cyrus.

Did you know, just as many people spend their weekends checking out “Trash ‘n’ Treasure” sites, garage sales and eBay looking for cheaper (smarter) options. They’re not interested in the Miley Cyrus ice cubes and they’d be happy to see LEGO banished from the planet (or at least their lounge room floors). They just want something they can afford that does the job.

And that’s where PHD Rentals can help. We have a great range of factory seconds and ex-rental appliances you can buy without having to give up luxuries such as food and electricity. You probably already know what ex-rental appliances are — top quality second-hand and re-conditioned appliances you can buy for a fraction of the price of a new one. (No, you can’t hire your ex-partner.)

But what are factory seconds? Are they the latest in production line micromanagement? No, these are products that have superficial defects (a small scratch or dent, a door that’s beige instead of off-white, an ice cube maker that puts two heads on Miley Cyrus) but are otherwise in perfect working order. Most of them even come with a full factory warranty. The manufacturers can’t sell them as new, so they reduce the price and sell them as “factory seconds”— mainly because they can never spell “beige” properly.

And here are some more great reasons to buy a factory second or ex-rental appliance from PHD Rentals:

You get a warranty. If your appliance has any problems they’ll repair it, replace it or give you your money back.

They can deliver and install it for you.

They accept a variety of payment options, including credit card and PayPal. Unlike Trash ‘n’ Treasure sales, where it’s pretty much “Give me the cash and it’s yours to take away. Now!”

So what are you waiting for? Contact PHD Rentals today and grab an ex-rental or factory second appliance at a bargain price.

And while you’re out, you may want to buy some more LEGO to keep the peace.

Sound advice

It’s Saturday night, and there’s nothing worth watching on TV. At least that’s the verdict from your kids, who’ve flicked through the channels a dozen times. (This is why you never subscribed to cable—they’d get RSI in their thumbs from cycling through them all.)

So you head off to the nearest Blockbuster to choose a movie for the night. Well, they do. You wait in the car so you don’t have to hear the cries of “I’ve already seen it” and “That’s stupid” for the next hour.

Eventually they choose one. Of course it’s an overnight release, which means you’ll have to return it the next day or lose the house paying the fine. And like most movies these days it has a thousand hours of extras you’d never get through in a lifetime.

You arrive home, and the kids pile out before you’ve even stopped the car. By the time you walk in the front door the movie has already started. (At least you didn’t have to sit through the previews.)

According to the DVD case it’s an “Action Thriller”, which translates to zero plot and an explosion every few minutes. Sure enough, one of the characters fires a missile just as you sit down, and you wait for the windows to shake as it explodes.

But the windows don’t shake at all. In fact, the “explosion” sounds more like your first video game console that burned the scores into your dad’s television set.

It’s time to turn your lounge room into a home theatre with some stereo equipment from PHD Rentals.

Unfortunately if you come home with an actual stereo system your kids will just laugh at you. They think of “stereo” the same way you think of “mono”. (It’s also why they laugh whenever you suggest switching to an AM radio station in the car.)

No, what they want is a surround system, which means by the end of the opening credits your neighbours will surround the house demanding that you turn it down.

The good news is you no longer need massive speakers that turn your lounge room into Stonehenge. Even relatively small speakers can generate a big sound, which your kids will happily demonstrate.

And it’s a much cheaper alternative to going to the movies. By the time you buy tickets, drinks and “food” for everyone (you gave up asking them to share years ago), you’re up for a small fortune.

So by renting from PHD Rentals you’ll not only have the kids where you can keep an eye on them, you’ll also save loads of money.

Which should just about cover all those late fees.


Reality Television


Spring is here at last, and we can finally go outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Well, at least until we’re set upon by homicidal magpies and forced back inside.

Luckily for us the football finals are just around the corner, which means there’s plenty of sport on the television to keep us entertained.

(Of course, if you’re not into sport and prefer reading the newspaper you’re in for a tough time. The state of a player’s hamstring is now more important than the global financial crisis, and even the Kardashians if it’s a really bad injury.)

These days football games are broadcast in Full HD, 3D, and probably even work with Scratch ‘n’ Sniff cards. (“Quick! He’s gashed his cheek. Where’s that ‘Fresh Blood’ card?”) With the right television it feels like you’re at the game, or at least it would if the commentators would shut up for a minute.

But if the only acronym you can find on your television is ‘HMV’, then it will probably still look like a game of Pong. And after half an hour of that you’ll probably be tempted to face the magpies again.

It’s time to upgrade.

The good news is you don’t have to spend a fortune on a new television (and another fortune getting it delivered). Get in touch with PHD Rentals, and they’ll deliver a television to suit your budget and lifestyle—usually within 24 hours (magpies permitting).

And if you’d rather perform home dentistry than watch a cricket match, don’t worry. PHD Rentals offer both short- and long-term contracts, so you won’t be stuck with a television you don’t need.

So forget about the magpies. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy finals fever on your new television from PHD Rentals.

And welcome to the 21st century.

A marathon effort


Out of all the Olympic events, one of the most gruelling would have to be the marathon. (Well, to compete in at least. The most gruelling to watch would definitely be the dressage.)

And as they spend the next two hours or so running along the 42.195km course, I’m sure every athlete has the same question running through their mind: “What’s with the decimal places? Haven’t these people heard of rounding?”

But if you think running for a couple of hours is tough, spare a thought for your fridge. It’s been running for years now, enduring some of the worst conditions imaginable—leftovers. And by “leftovers” I mean “food that’s become so toxic it’s eating away the metal shelves”.

The biggest problem is there’s no finish line to mark the end the race. Instead it just keeps running until it can’t go any more, just like the athletes who collapse in a heap and wish they’d taken up a less gruelling sport—such as chess.

Unfortunately your fridge doesn’t get anywhere near as much TV coverage (unless your son has set up a webcam in there), and so you won’t be told that it’s broken down. Instead you’ll come home after work one day to find all the food has spoiled and, even worse, your beer is warm.

The good news is PHD Rentals can have a replacement fridge there in no time. Just give us a call (or jump online if your son isn’t watching other people’s fridges) and we’ll deliver one of our leading brands of refrigerators fast.

And our terms are very flexible, so you only need to hire it for as long as you need it—a month to get your old one fixed, six months to save up for a new one, or a year to get the toxicology report back on those leftovers.

Before you know it you’ll have a fridge full of food, a belly full of beer, and a computer full of messages asking when the webcam will be back online.

Because anything is better than watching the dressage.