It’s Halloween, and so there’s a good chance you’ll be visited by zombies, vampires and other horrible creatures tonight. Which will make a nice change from the door-to-door salespeople who normally come to visit. At least you can get rid of these people with a handful of lollies.

But to get the most out of what many people consider the scariest night of year (especially if they haven’t done their tax return), you need to be prepared.  And PHD Rentals can help.

First, you should hire an air-conditioner to make your lounge room as cold as possible. Not only will it create a chilling atmosphere, it will also slow down the kids’ metabolism so they don’t eat as much food.

Speaking of food, you should also hire a microwave so you can make lots of spaghetti to put in that covered bowl marked “live worms”. Chances are some kids will think they really are worms and accidentally eat something that isn’t coated in sugar.

And to complete the effect, hire a television and have horror movies playing all night. If all the good horror movies are gone, feel free to improvise. (Videos of women giving birth are particularly effective.)

Of course, to get the most out of Halloween night you should capture it all with a video camera. Depending on what happens, you could make a fortune selling the footage back to the people you managed to embarrass.

And finally, you’ll need a powerful vacuum cleaner, and not just to clean up all the crumbs (the dog will take care of that). Those cobwebs on the celling were fine during Halloween, but now you really should get rid of them.

So get in touch with PHD Rentals today and make Halloween a night to remember.

Oh, and let us know where we can download the video.