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Renting Home Appliances

Does the high cost of buying a refrigerator or wash machine make you break out in a cold sweat? Well, good news. It doesn’t have to.  For some people, hiring a fridge or washing machine just makes more sense. Instead of having to spend lots of time researching and reviewing appliance models, coming up with a large sum of cash to make your purchase, and then hauling the thing into your home – you just need to make one call (to PHD Rentals of course!) and a small monthly payment for as long as you need the items. If the appliances need repair while in your home, that’s not your concern. PHD Rentals will take care of it for you. Renting your appliances rather than buying also means that you’re not stuck with an old model long after it has become outdated.

Other Situations When It Pays to Hire Your Home Appliances

If you are planning to live interstate for a short time, renting a fridge or washing machine is ideal. In this case, buying brand new appliances is probably not the most logical solution. Not only do you have to come up with the money for a refrigerator or washing machine, but you’ll have to move them again in few months and as you probably already know, moving a fridge is not an easy task (especially if your apartment or home has stairs)!  Again, one call and PHD Rentals will take care of everything.

Appliance Hire for Uni Students

University students who temporarily relocate to Australia from overseas can benefit from a rental option too.  When you get to Sydney, Brisbane, or Darwin PHD Rentals can supply the appliances.  You can keep them for a few months or for the full four years of university and we’ll come and collect them when you’re done.  Hire is an easy and trouble free option leaving you time to focus on the important things.

A Short-Term Replacement When Your Own Equipment is in for Repairs

When you own your own home and have purchased your appliances, they may occasionally need to go into the shop for repair. When this happens, you still need to wash your clothes and keep your food and beverages chilled. Rather than haul your clothing to the laundromat or rely on neighbors to keep your food from spoiling, consider hiring appliances from PHD Rentals. Your options for models and features are nearly limitless and we deliver and install.

Need Help Setting Up Your Apartment?

At PHD Rentals, convenience is the name of the game. In addition to all major appliances, you can also rent furniture and request our assistance with setting up your apartment. We can deliver everything you need with a single phone call, including silverware, cutlery, pots, and pans. Please contact PHD Rentals  to let us know how we can help.

House Warming

To those of you who’ve just bought your first home in Sydney or Brisbane, congratulations. It can’t have been easy with house prices being what they are the moment.

You’ve no doubt just learned there’s a massive difference between the price of a house and how much you actually pay,  thanks to the “extras” you have to pay for such as:

·      loan establishment fee

·      mortgage insurance

·      legal fees

·      stamp duty

·      building and pest inspections

·      etc.


Question: Do you think building and pest inspections should tell you whether any of your neighbours will be playing loud music until 3am?


But if it’s any consolation, house prices are set to go even higher.


Still, it doesn’t change the fact you’ve used up pretty much all of your savings on the house, leaving you with very little money to put anything in it.


So what can you do?


You could borrow furniture and appliances from your friends and family, but that could potentially backfire on you. (“Well, we know you’ve got a sofa bed since we lent it to you, so can our parents stay at your house for the next month?”)


Another option is to save up and buy things as you can afford them. But that also has some potential issues.


Your partner: Honey, can you record NCIS for me?

You: Not until next month.


Fortunately, there’s a third option: renting what you need from PHD Rentals. They have a fantastic range of furniture and appliances available in both Sydney and Brisbane. And with their low monthly rates, you’ll be able to fill up your home without filling up your credit card.


So get in touch with PHD Rentals today, and start enjoying your new life in your new home.


But if you end up getting a sofa bed, don’t tell anyone.

The Perfect Horror Movie Setup

It’s Halloween, and so there’s a good chance you’ll be visited by zombies, vampires and other horrible creatures tonight. Which will make a nice change from the door-to-door salespeople who normally come to visit. At least you can get rid of these people with a handful of lollies.

But to get the most out of what many people consider the scariest night of year (especially if they haven’t done their tax return), you need to be prepared.  And PHD Rentals can help.

First, you should hire an air-conditioner to make your lounge room as cold as possible. Not only will it create a chilling atmosphere, it will also slow down the kids’ metabolism so they don’t eat as much food.

Speaking of food, you should also hire a microwave so you can make lots of spaghetti to put in that covered bowl marked “live worms”. Chances are some kids will think they really are worms and accidentally eat something that isn’t coated in sugar.

And to complete the effect, hire a television and have horror movies playing all night. If all the good horror movies are gone, feel free to improvise. (Videos of women giving birth are particularly effective.)

Of course, to get the most out of Halloween night you should capture it all with a video camera. Depending on what happens, you could make a fortune selling the footage back to the people you managed to embarrass.

And finally, you’ll need a powerful vacuum cleaner, and not just to clean up all the crumbs (the dog will take care of that). Those cobwebs on the celling were fine during Halloween, but now you really should get rid of them.

So get in touch with PHD Rentals today and make Halloween a night to remember.

Oh, and let us know where we can download the video.

Kicking winter into a spin

It’s winter in Brisbane, which means temperatures have plummeted to what any other state would call ‘spring’.

But despite the warmer temperatures, they still face the same problems we all face during winter: finding a TV channel that isn’t broadcasting a football match.

Sorry, I actually meant to say, ‘Getting through the pile of washing currently overrun by mountain goats’.

Mind you, the football matches won’t help much if you’ve got kids or a husband that won’t grow up. After watching the game (or just the first five hours) they’ll insist on going outside to practice their kicking, marking, and diving headfirst into the biggest patch of mud they can find.

Of course, actually washing the clothes isn’t a problem. Provided your family hasn’t crash-tackled your washing machine you simply dump the clothes in, add the laundry liquid/powder/whatever-the-advertising-people-are-calling-it-now, switch it on for an hour and voila, your machine will have stopped ten minutes into its cycle because the load was out of balance.

Once the clothes are washed (allow 2-3 weeks), it’s time to get them dry. And this is the real problem we all face. Normally you just hang them on the line and take them off when they’re dry. But in winter it’s usually either raining or overcast, so unless you want your entire family walking around naked until September you need to try something else.

One option is to set up a clotheshorse inside and hang everything on it to dry. Of course by “everything” I mean “socks”, because everything else will still be wet a week later. But it can help stimulate conversation at your next dinner party. (“Um… exactly how long has it been since you bought new underwear?”)

But your best option by far is to rent a clothes dryer from PHD Rentals. (You can also buy a brand new one from them if you prefer.) And they can deliver it quickly, so not only will you get through your pile of clothes quickly, it will also give your family something new to watch.

Which means you might be able to find something else to watch besides football.

Give your home’s selling price a makeover

When it comes to getting the best price for your house, you need it to blow them away with its “Wow” factor. And no, that doesn’t mean playing World of Warcraft at a hundred decibels as they walk through.

You need them to see how truly stunning your house really is. You need them to think it’s the house they’ve always dreamed of since they stopped having nightmares from watching The Shining. You want them to snatch the contract out the agent’s hand, sign it on the spot, and then ask what the “Buy milk” clause is all about.

In other words, you want to be selling someone else’s house.

Fortunately, there is a way to get that “Wow” factor without sneaking into someone else’s house and pretending it’s yours. With a property makeover from PHD Rentals you can completely transform your home into one you’d see in a glossy magazine (as opposed to Mad Magazine).

Their property styling consultants will help you choose the most suitable rental package for your needs, deliver the furniture to your house, and then arrange it all for maximum effect. By the time they’ve finished you’ll barely recognise your own home, which means you’ll get play some really cool pranks on your family and friends. (Hint: Dress up as a butler and put on a British accent.)

It’s a small investment that will have a big impact on the selling price of your property.

So what are you waiting for? Contact PHD Rentals today and get ready to transform your home and your selling price.

Because the sooner you sell your house, the sooner you can back to playing World of Warcraft.

Fridge Choices

If you are in the market for a fridge, it’s best to know what to look for BEFORE you go shopping so as not be confused the huge array of dazzling fridges on the market today.

Here’s the lowdown on some of the most common fridges:

Upright fridge-freezer

This classic style is economical and energy efficient, with plenty of models to choose from along with various sizes, however you will find there is limited freezer capacity and you have to bend down to reach the bottom of the fridge.

Freezer on the bottom

This upside down style also has various sizes to accommodate for differing spaces. Fridge items are at eye level and within easy reach and generally have more freezer space than freezer on top models. They are usually more expensive than freezer on top models, less energy efficient and it can be difficult to organize the freezer drawers.

Side-by-side fridge freezer

Generally this style of fridge has more internal storage space than other styles with plenty of door storage. The doors are narrow and suit galley style or small kitchens. They often feature built in ice and water dispensers and are usually chic, modern looking. Be careful of positioning as they cannot go in the corner of the kitchen and if you have large cakes or platters, this may not be the style for you.

French Door

This style is great for families or entertainers, having 3 or 4 doors, usually a 2-door fridge on top and 1 or 2 freezer drawers below. There is generous internal capacity and wide shelves which easily accommodate large platters. Be aware that they are expensive and require a lot of floor space – not forgetting large doorways to actually get the fridge into your kitchen!


This is what will save you money AFTER you bring it home. Look at the energy rating – more stars are better.

You will save money long term by replacing a power hungry fridge with an energy-efficient model.

As a rule, the bigger the fridge the more it will cost to buy and run. A single door upright fridge with a freezer on the top or bottom will be cheaper to buy and run than a large side by side, or French Door model.

Factory seconds and ex-rentals are the new ‘New’

Visit any major electrical store on a weekend, and you’ll see dozens of people shopping for the latest and greatest appliances. A washer and dryer that also folds your clothes and puts them away. A vacuum cleaner that filters out LEGO bricks so you can give them back to your panic-stricken child. Or a refrigerator that can make ice cubes in the shape of Miley Cyrus.

Did you know, just as many people spend their weekends checking out “Trash ‘n’ Treasure” sites, garage sales and eBay looking for cheaper (smarter) options. They’re not interested in the Miley Cyrus ice cubes and they’d be happy to see LEGO banished from the planet (or at least their lounge room floors). They just want something they can afford that does the job.

And that’s where PHD Rentals can help. We have a great range of factory seconds and ex-rental appliances you can buy without having to give up luxuries such as food and electricity. You probably already know what ex-rental appliances are — top quality second-hand and re-conditioned appliances you can buy for a fraction of the price of a new one. (No, you can’t hire your ex-partner.)

But what are factory seconds? Are they the latest in production line micromanagement? No, these are products that have superficial defects (a small scratch or dent, a door that’s beige instead of off-white, an ice cube maker that puts two heads on Miley Cyrus) but are otherwise in perfect working order. Most of them even come with a full factory warranty. The manufacturers can’t sell them as new, so they reduce the price and sell them as “factory seconds”— mainly because they can never spell “beige” properly.

And here are some more great reasons to buy a factory second or ex-rental appliance from PHD Rentals:

You get a warranty. If your appliance has any problems they’ll repair it, replace it or give you your money back.

They can deliver and install it for you.

They accept a variety of payment options, including credit card and PayPal. Unlike Trash ‘n’ Treasure sales, where it’s pretty much “Give me the cash and it’s yours to take away. Now!”

So what are you waiting for? Contact PHD Rentals today and grab an ex-rental or factory second appliance at a bargain price.

And while you’re out, you may want to buy some more LEGO to keep the peace.

Staking your taxation claim

It’s that time of year when we all sit down, take a good look at what we’ve done for the past year and think, “Can I claim any of it?”

Yes, it’s tax time once again, when we all try to work out how we can get the tax department to give us some money for a change.

Of course, as the saying goes a penny saved is a penny earned, which would be really handy if a) we actually used pennies and b) you could actually buy something with them.

(Theoretically you can buy something if you have enough of them, but the last person who tried suffered a hernia carrying them all into the store.)

Fortunately, there are other ways to save money, such as hiring your appliances and furniture from PHD Rentals. If you need a television, washing machine or refrigerator they can have you watching, washing and… wishing you had more beer in no time.

And if you need furniture for the lounge room, dining room or bedroom they can help you out as well.

Better still, if you’ve got one an open-plan house (or are prepared to knock out a few walls), put everything in the one area, hire some office furniture and claim it all as a business expense. And if the tax department questions your claims, just say, “Hey, I practically live in my office. I’m just making it as comfortable as I can”.

So what are you waiting for? Contact PHD Rentals now and get everything you need for your house. You may even be able to use your tax refund to pay for it.

Or at least to stock the fridge with beer.



Disclaimer:  This is a blog about rental appliances and homewares and is not to be mistaken for actual advice regarding your tax position.  Always seek advice from a professional taxation advisor who can assess and advise for your own individual situation.



Joining the nuclear age

So you’ve finally moved out of your parents’ house and into your very own unit/flat/future demolition site. Congratulations.


Of course, you didn’t really want to move out of your parents’ place. You just wanted to move away from your parents. And unfortunately they wouldn’t let you take the house with you.


But now you’ve finally got your freedom. In fact, you’re got plenty of freedom because there’s no furniture apart from maybe an air mattress and a sleeping bag.


So what do you need?


At some stage you’ll need a bed, especially if you plan on sharing it with someone. You may be okay with the sleeping bag arrangement, but they probably haven’t used one since their last sleepover when they were eight.


You may also need a washing machine if your parents don’t live close by (or have changed the locks). The only other alternative is to go to the laundromat, and we’ve already discussed how much of a hassle that can be.


You’ll need a way to entertain yourself. You could get a cheap television, borrow a book from the library (ask your parents about them), or just listen to the neighbours yelling at each other.


And of course you have to eat, so you’ll need to get yourself a microwave oven.


A lot of people think microwave ovens are only good for reheating leftover Chinese, but that’s just rubbish. They’re also great for reheating leftover pasta.


And they have other uses as well.


Want to improve your maths skills? There’s no better way than trying to cook with a microwave. The cooking time is always based on a microwave with some obscure wattage that doesn’t actually exist. So you have to perform a series of calculations and set the timer for whatever answer you got (e.g. 2.3E+17).


Want to have leftover pizza for breakfast when you’ve got a massive hangover? Usually the crunch as you take a bite sounds like a nuclear explosion, but not if you’ve got a microwave. Just put it in the microwave for 30 seconds and you’ll have pizza with a base so soft you can barely hear yourself chewing. In fact, it’s so soft you probably suck it through a straw.


As you can see, a microwave is one appliance you can’t do without (as much as the local fire brigade would like you to). But having paid your bond plus four weeks’ rent in advance you really don’t have money to buy one. (You can barely afford electricity.)


Fortunately, you can rent a microwave from PHD Rentals for less than a dollar a day. Which means you’ll have about four dollars left over to buy something to cook in it. And four dollars a day times seven days equals…


Sorry, I meant six days. Your parents still do a roast on Sundays, don’t they?

The Dreaded Rental Inspection

If you’re renting, then sooner or later you’ll get the news you’ve been dreading since you moved in: Reader’s Digest have your postal address.

Ha! Just kidding. Reader’s Digest doesn’t care if you’re renting, living in your own house or on the witness protection program. I’m sure even the aliens at Area 51 get a copy every month.

No, I’m talking about the dreaded rental inspection.

Now if you’re female and/or a neat freak you won’t need to do much at all. Just a quick wipe and you’ll have everything shining so brightly your landlord will sue you for retina damage.

But if you’re a guy you probably haven’t cleaned, vacuumed or mopped since you moved in. And now you’ve got two weeks to catch up on six months of cleaning.

What can you do?

First, throw out all those old pizza boxes. Yes, they’ve been great for playing real-life Angry Birds with your mates, but they need to go.

Next, pick up all the clothes off the floor (you probably didn’t even know you had a floor) and throw them in the washing machine. It may spit them straight out again—washing machines are pretty smart these days—but keep throwing them back in until it gives up.

And now that you can see the floor again, it’s time to give it a good vacuum.

Of course, you probably haven’t owned a vacuum cleaner since you rode the one your parents gave you into your neighbour’s brick fence. And the last thing you want to do is spend a fortune on something you’ll only use a couple of times a year.

The good news is you don’t have to. You can just rent a vacuum cleaner from PHD Rentals for as long as you need it, and then quickly return it so you don’t catch the dreaded “cleaning bug”.

Mind you, you’ll soon find it can be used for more than just cleaning carpets. Poke the nozzle into the nooks and crannies around your house and the 2200-watt motor will soon be sucking up loose change, your favourite t-shirt goodness knows what else. And because it’s bagless, you’ll quickly be able to fish them all out.

Handy tip: If you lose a contact lens, put a piece of pantyhose over the nozzle and use it to trap the lens. You probably won’t find it, but everyone will think you’re such a weirdo for having pantyhose in the house you can probably go back to wearing glasses.

Now that the floors are clean, you can get on with the rest of the house—oven, shower, bath, toilet, windows, etc.

Then again, you do have that Readers Digest to get through.